Rob Clements is the rector of Kilternan Parish. He spearheaded the building of the new

Community Centre project which will be a state of the art facility.

With the help of LEADER Programme they have started an internal fit-out of their Community Centre.


Nora Roban is the founder of Remember us, a charity organisation that helps children

and adults with special needs. We had the opportunity to step into her office, a little

children’s wonderland full of positivity and color, and discuss the organisation’s plans for this year.

With the help of Dublin Rural LEADER Programme they will open a new base later this year.


Roger Cronin is a member of Fingal LEADER Partnership Board but

before becoming a member he was a client of previous LEADER Programme.

He shared his experience with us regarding LEADER Programme and the

benefits of it for the project that he applied for.


Michael Maher from Retired Active Men Social(RAMS)

shared his experience about LEADER funding and

also talked about the history of the club.


Anthony Byrne the owner of Calliaghstown Equestrian Centre gladly answered

a few questions regarding the LEADER funding that he availed of

under the previous LEADER programme.


We had the pleasure to visit John Hamelton

from Ring Commons Sports Centre and to talk about

the activities at the Centre and how LEADER supported them.