The Dog Lodge & Lounge in Lusk is a pet hotel with 10 spacious suites all decorated to a luxurious standard. It has an enclosed garden, large enough to cater for both large and small dogs.

Established in 2018 by Antoinette Carroll, Fingal Leader was delighted to have been able to support a great idea that has turned into an amazing business.

The services that Antoinette offers at Hedgetown Lane, Lusk include day camps aswell as the dog lodge and lounge.

Dubin Rural Leader supported project - The Dog Lodge & Lounge Lusk
The Dog Lodge Reception Area

Antoinette explains “I wanted to provide a higher standard of dog boarding kennels that what was on offer locally plus further afield. I quickly realised that to do it properly and on the scale that I wanted, I would need outside help. I approached Dublin Rural LEADER and they listened to my ideas.

They invited me to submit an Expression of Interest, which was approved. Dublin Rural LEADER were very helpful in guiding me through the process.

I submitted a detailed business plan and filled out all the forms to apply for the grant. When my grant application was approved, I was delighted. It meant I could plan ahead and make a start on my project.

Being accepted for LEADER funding meant that I could proceed with my plans on a grander scale than if I did not have funding.

My experience with Dublin Rural LEADER is a positive one. I received excellent guidance and I’m really pleased with my completed project. This has given me a viable business to work in and also an opportunity to grow it as a family business. Thank you to all Dublin Rural LEADER staff.”

Since establishing the business in 2018, they are going from strength to strength. They are booked out for Christmas and New Year and continue to receive super reviews from very happy customers.

Fingal Leader was delighted to have been able to help support a thriving rural business.

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