Dublin Rural Leader Funding Process - Step 6 - Completion

Once your project is approved, you will be issued with a contract. It’s an exciting time because your project will become a reality. There are a number of terms and conditions which your Development Officer will discuss with you. One thing to note here is that any expenditure incurred prior to the signing of the contract will be ineligible.

The contract will have a completion date of generally six months but this can be extended for larger or ongoing projects. (This will already have been mentioned within the application form).

A drawdown checklist will also be issued to you and the development officer will assist you in all aspects of the drawdown process.

Now you know more about the steps involved, contact us today. If you’re looking to expand your business, improve your community, wish to hire more staff or simply upskill, the Dublin Rural LEADER has €4.83 million to assist people like you to reach your full potential.

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