Dublin Rural Leader - Funding Process Step by Step


Applying for Dublin Rural Leader Grant Aid

The first step to applying for Dublin Rural Leader funding is to get started. It’s like every journey, the hardest step is the first step.

While there are a number of steps involved before you get the funding in your hand, our team of advisors are here to help you every step of the way.

On this page, you will get more information on how to apply and the steps involved so you can be armed with as much information as you need before giving us a call on 01 807 4282 or email us. However, at any stage, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help.

Step 1 – Eligibility

There are a number of criteria that you must meet in order to apply. We have a full page dedicated to helping you answer the following questions:

1. Are you located in the boundaries of our operational area?

2. Are you compliant with the Local Development Strategy?

3. Does your project fit into one (or more) of our themes?

4. Do you have an alternative source of funding?

5. Do you have evidence of proposed matching funding?

6. Do you have have capacity to deliver the project?

Discover more about the Eligibility Criteria here.

Step 2 – Expression of Interest

If you feel you meet the criteria, then the next step is to fill in an Expression of Interest (EOI) form.

You’ll get all the details, including a form to fill in here.

Step 3 – The Application

If your project is deemed eligible after you filled in the Expression of Interest form, you will be invited to complete an application form.

Read more here about the application form and what kind of information will be required.

Step 4 – Evaluation

Once you send in your application form, it’s out of your hands. You have done the best job you could and it’s over to the Evaluation Committee.

This page will give you more details about the Evaluation Committee.

Step 5 – Approval

The final decision rests with the Local Area Group (LAG). After evaluation, the project application will be sent to the LAG for approval.

Read more here about the Approval step.

Step 6 – Completion

Once your project is approved, you will be issued with a contract. It’s an exciting time because your project will become a reality.

Read here about the next steps in the completion stage.

Now you know more about the steps involved, contact us today. If you’re looking to expand your business, wish to hire more staff or simply upskill, the Dublin Rural LEADER are here to assist people like you to reach your full potential.