Calling all SMEs in Rural Dublin

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Calling all SMEs in Rural Dublin

As you move into 2020 and set goals for the new year, have you considered looking at the Dublin Rural Leader Programme for support?

The Dublin Rural Leader programme can can support micro, small and medium enterprises.

The main aim of LEADER is to strengthen the rural economy and to improve the quality of life in rural areas. It can provide up to €200,000 grant-aid per project.

One of the themes of the Dublin Rural Leader Programme is Economic Development, Enterprise Development and Job Creation. This theme is focused on driving continued local economic development within Dublin Rural areas. This includes diversification of the rural economy and the creation of employment opportunities for the local community, including those from disadvantaged groups.

While Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) have primary responsibility for micro-enterprise in Ireland, Leader can complement the services of LEO. Some businesses may not be supported by LEO but they can by Leader.

There is always a co-ordinated approach between the two organisations to ensure SMEs are supported while looking at the allocation of resources.

A report done at the beginning of the Dubin Rural Leader Programme, the CEDRA Report (2014) identified areas that might benefit most from Leader support. These include

  • Artisan and other food businesses
  • Renewable Energy
  • Marine diversification
  • Social Enterprises
  • Creative Industries

The Dublin Rural Leader have supported other businesses including

  • Dog Kennels
  • A Raceway
  • Food manufacturing (process
  • Equestrian centre
  • Turf lawns

Some of the supported actions could include capital investment, analysis and development and training support.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a start up, an established business or a social enterprise, here’s what to do

1. Check to see if you live in the designated area

2. Discover more about funding levels and eligible/ineligible projects

3. Contact us for a Expression of Interest form.

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What the community are saying

Dublin Rural Leader helped us access equipment funding to expand our production line. We are exporting to the USA and have our sights on China.
Dublin Rural Leader guided us through the application process and enabled us to help students explore the Dublin Mountains while getting fit.
Dublin Rural Leader’s belief in our project and their assistance to access funding for equipment has enabled us to reach a higher end of the market.
Colin Harris Furniture - Dublin Rural Leader Success Story