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Dublin Rural LEADER wish to announce the opening of Targeted Calls for funding in the Dublin Rural region under the LEADER 2014-2020.

The deadline for submission of Expressions of Interest is April 27th  2018 at 4.00pm

Closing date for submission of Full Applications is June 29th 2018 at 4.00pm

Stage 1 involves completion of an Expression of Interest form (EOI) which can be downloaded  here  or contact the office on Tel: 01-807 4282 or by email to  to request one.   EOIs considered eligible will be invited onto Stage II to complete an application form. Invitation to application stage does not mean that you will be awarded grant aid as it is a competitive process.

Funding Call 1:   

LEADER Theme: Rural Environment
Local Objective 6: Water Conservation Awareness and Training Programme


Strategic Action 17: Support for training programme across the community and business sector to create awareness, promote and develop models of good practice in water conservation.

Type of Call: Targeted Call                                  Budget: €60,000


Funding Call 2:


LEADER Theme: Rural Environment
Local Objective 6:  Increase awareness and support for small scale water conservation infrastructure and feasibility.


S.A 18: Support the installation of small scale infrastructure as practical models of best practice in community operated water conservation projects.  Actions will include use of grey water, rainwater harvesting and provision of water butts.

Type of Call: Targeted Call                                   Budget: €239,168

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Social Inclusion - Strategic Action 14

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What the community are saying

Dublin Rural Leader’s belief in our project and their assistance to access funding for equipment has enabled us to reach a higher end of the market.
Dublin Rural Leader guided us through the application process and enabled us to help students explore the Dublin Mountains while getting fit.
Dublin Rural Leader helped us access equipment funding to expand our production line. We are exporting to the USA and have our sights on China.
how to apply. hand dripping water onto a young plant shootAnnual Activity Report